Entry Criteria

As this is a fashion history project, our goal is to assemble a series of beautiful historically accurate dolls. Please keep this in mind when submitting dolls.

As the timeline grows, dolls with a broader historical basis (i.e. Victorian vs. 1876) may no longer fit well in the timeline. Therefore we reserve the right to reject or remove dolls from the timeline. Please do not take this as a sleight to you as a doller. Yours may be a beautiful doll, just no longer appropriate for this project.

To maintain a uniform look for our timeline, the following bases are approved for timeline entries:


Other bases will be considered for inclusion by request. Please select a pose where the doll is standing upright. 

To ensure uniformity in the timeline, please please trim your image width to the width of the doll. Do not trim your image for height, but rather position your doll "standing" on an imaginary line 50 pixels from the bottom.


Send your entries to dolltimeline@gmail.com with the following list of information.

No Frankendolling or drag and drops. The entire doll (props and backgrounds included) should be your own original work. Line art is permitted, but you must provide credit. The artistic and tasteful use of nudity and blood will be allowed. All entries should be submitted in transparent gif or png format.