Welcome to the Doll Timeline!

This is a chronological collection of dolls in historical dress. A love of fashion history and a love of dolling often go hand in hand, and so this project was conceived. As a collaborative project, this site is free to expand, as interest allows. If you would like to be a part of this, please e-mail DollTimeline@gmail.com

I've tried various sketched (non-dolling) versions of a timeline of fashion history: basically women of the same height standing side by side from the beginning of clothes to present day, so you can see fashion trends like waistlines going from regency to victorian to Titanic era edwardian and other changing silhouettes. Anyway, I was thinking of a pixel doll version of the same thing, and that the more people who were in on it, the better it would be. And I've recently gotten really excited about starting a website along those lines... and here it is!